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Let’s talk ... – Part II

Last month I touch on some important points that both brides and grooms should discuss before they decide on the wedding timeline. Now keep in mind, if you’re working with a wedding planner or day of coordinator, creating a wedding day timeline is likely something they will handle. If you’re on your own, it is absolutely essential that you create one of these yourself. (And trust me, there are very few things that I will say are essential for every single wedding!) A well-crafted timeline creates a seamless experience for your beloved guests (and maximizes your time with them!), helps your vendors do their best work, and cuts down on the amount of “managing” you’ll need to do on your wedding day — all very good things!

Let’s get started!

Now here are some questions you want to ask yourself as you’re building your timeline:

  1. What time can you get into your reception space? What time do you need to be out of it?

  2. How many hours does your photography and videography package cover?

  3. What time is sunset?

  4. How long will you and your bridesmaids need to get hair and make-up done?

  5. How long do you think your ceremony will be?

  6. ​Most ceremonies last approximately twenty minutes, but I would recommend rounding up to at least 30 minutes – and some can be much longer. Add up worship, readings, entrances, vows, sermon, communion, unity candle (if you’re doing that), etc. to get a ballpark.

  7. Are you planning to do a first look?

  8. How many family portraits need to take place?

  9. How far apart are your ceremony and reception locations?

  10. Will there be a cocktail hour? If so, how long or short would you like i