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What should I wear?

You have a gorgeous rock on your finger, a wedding date has been set, but before you walk down the aisle; you want to capture this fleeting moment in time with a photo shoot. Whether you’re hoping to use these pictures for your Save the Date or just want practice in front of the camera before the big day, engagement photo sessions are a must!

Wondering where to start? This is your chance to give the world a glimpse into what your style as a couple is. Picking your photographer is an important decision – they capture the memories of your big day and you will be showing these pictures to your grandchildren one day. So make sure you like the style and aesthetic feel of your photographer before you sign any contracts. Once you have decided on a theme and style for your shoot; organize and brainstorm what you have envisioned for your engagement pictures. The best time to shoot any portraits is normally 2 hours after sunrise or 2 hours before sunset. This rule of thumb can be applied to any time of the year.

Prep for the Session Discuss whether you want posed or natural looking pictures or maybe even a bit of both. Thanks to Pinterest, you have plenty of ideas for whatever style of engagement pictures you are planning on getting done. Make sure to send some of your ideas to your photographer so they know the style you are going for. Plan your outfits in advance, I know it seems like a no-brainer but don’t leave this to the last minute. Talk it over with your fiancé and know exactly what you’re wearing – also bring options with you to the shoot just in case. Organize your props beforehand, if you want to have a chalkboard, do a picnic, or have a floral crown, make sure you have those items ready for pick up. I would recommend trying to get the make-up and hair stylist you want for your wedding to do a trial for your shoot. It’s the best way to see if you like their work on you and gives you a glimpse as to how it will hold up all day. Lastly, don’t forget about your nails and your ring. Make sure you book your appointment a week or so before your shoot so they look their best. Get your ring shined and prepped so that it looks its best for its moment in the spotlight.

During Your Session Have fun! No really, this is your shoot and it represents you two so have fun and enjoy being yourselves. Ladies, if you tend to get oily or shiny skin, bring along some oil blotters and some pressed powder for touch ups in between. Also, don’t forget your lip gloss or lipstick whichever you are planning on using. Gentlemen, if you tend to get shiny as well and too hot bring along a face towel so we can ensure you aren’t looking sweaty in your pictures. If you have pets that you are planning on bringing along to your shoot, make sure that there is another person responsible for your pet during your shoot, or else you’re just going to get distracted and half your engagement shoot session will be for nothing.

Last but not least make sure your to show up to your engagement session on time – there’s nothing worse than making your photographer wait an hour later for you to show up. Time and plan your day beforehand accordingly as chances are your photographer isn’t going to give you extra time because you showed up an hour late. Remember these photos are going to be around for a while and should be a good representation of you two. I hope you have fun with your engagement session and if you have any additional questions, don’t be shy and ask away!

I'm a city girl with small town dreams and people often refer to me as the queen of selfies. Happily married to the man of my dreams, I love to help my clients with their happily ever after. 

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