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Know the difference?

I have clients ask me this question all the time. What is the difference between a Wedding Planner and a Venue Coordinator?

You’ve most likely wondered this yourself or maybe you even thought they were the same. Well I'm here to tell you that they are not the same. Here are some audible differences for you to know as you look for venues for your big day.

Wedding Planners are hired by you and work on your behalf. This includes and is not limited to finding you the perfect venue, reviewing contracts and we are usually a part of the whole evening to ensure everything goes off without a hitch exactly as you have planned it. Venue Coordinators typically leave once the meals are sent out as their contractual obligations are over at that point; while your wedding planner is with you the entire night to make sure that the MC is aware of any last minute changes to the evening, making sure that Aunt Maggie gets that special meal you ordered because of her allergies & safeguard that the gifts get loaded and take down of the venue is done in a timely fashion.

Venue Coordinators do not work for you, they coordinate your event on behalf of the venue. That means, displaying the venue, being a liaison for food and beverage choices, organizing the tastings and providing you the final invoice. Moreover, Venue Coordinators do not contact other vendors to schedule drop off and pick-ups for the day of the wedding (this includes connecting with the photographer and hair/makeup artist if necessary!). Wedding Planners connect with your vendors beforehand to confirm the time they will be arriving. Some Venue Coordinators will get in touch with some of your vendors, however that is not common. Also, keep in mind that you may have been in contact and worked with one individual throughout the planning process, but there is no guarantee that they will be there on the day of your wedding.

Venues are known to have a high turnover rate, especially when it comes to their coordinator or sales positions so the person you book your wedding with may or may not still be there when it comes time for your wedding. Your wedding planner is hand selected by you and works on behalf of you, keeping in mind your needs and vision.

This is not to take away from the job that Venue Coordinators do as I have worked with some great on site coordinators that have helped ensure our client’s get the perfect day they dreamed of. I have found it beneficial for couples to understand the roles of each individual to avoid frustration and disappointment closer to the big day. I hope this helps clear up some of the ambiguity between the two and has provided you with all the information to consider your needs and weigh your options accordingly.

If you're interested in a complimentary consultation, I would love to connect with you and discuss your wedding needs.

I'm a city girl with small town dreams and people often refer to me as the queen of selfies. Happily married to the man of my dreams, I love to help my clients with their happily ever after. 

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