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If you're considering whether to book Sharon ... DO IT! 

I will begin by saying that I can't say enough good things about Sharon's services on my wedding day. Sharon thought of things so I didn't have to...and thought of many things that I didn't. She was attentive to my priorities which made me feel well cared for and that I could let things go. Yet in addition to what I thought was important she took on other essential details that had never and really never have crossed my mind until writing this and realizing the depth to which she managed things for me! I think that's exactly what a wedding planner is supposed to do - allow the bride to enjoy the day and forget about hosting and arranging and rather concentrate on "being" - living in the moment and cementing wonderful memories. I have only good memories about my wedding day and I owe much of that to Sharon's diligence behind the scenes. 
Sharon is very good at listening and asking the right questions so she gets into your head enough to carry your world on your wedding day. 
If you are considering whether to book Parisian Premia Events...DO IT! It is so worth it - you can't relive your wedding but you will want to every minute of every day (at least I did) so if you have a planner you can focus on what matters and not whether the cake is perfect, the florist on time, the mike turned get my drift :) - David & Krista, White Rock, BC

When it came to my wedding...I knew I had only one person in mind.

Our wedding was perfect! I have helped a lot of friends with their weddings and know that it is not an easy task, not because there is a TON of work and time that goes into a wedding; but because the number one goal to achieve is the vision of the bride and groom- to give them the perfect day, their day- just as they dreamed it. I have been blessed to coordinate weddings of friends I cherish and love because I know they trusted me to take on ‘their day’. When it came to my wedding… I knew I only had one person in mind. Sharon has been a dear friend of mine since our preteen years and I have watched her conquer school, university, and life! She is so meticulous, organized, and most of all, careful and detailed. I had a quick engagement and as Sharon promised, she kept me on task to make decisions, and took the responsibility to make sure I had what I wanted. She does everything in excellence. I was so blessed by her selflessness in coming back to Canada a week before the wedding just to be available whenever I needed her. She is what every bride would want, she is professional and trustworthy… and let me not forget about her fabulous style. She will make your day perfect! - ​Kurtis & Janize, Langley, BC


Sharon's careful and thoughtful attention to detail always keeps us on track and on budget! Sharon never forgets that we are the client and works to satisfy us, but seeing her passion and commitment to her work always demonstrates the ownership and pride she feels in everything she does.


Sharon took the ideas I had and created it into something beautiful! The party was a great success thanks to her keen attention to detail and perfection. I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to host the party of the year! 


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